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Welcome to FightersCraft!
We are a new server but we are growing quickly.
Our server has 5-10 players on average every day we plan to get a lot more popular
as the server grows.
We have many plugins to make sure players are having a great time!
Most of the players will play MobArena to improve their Mcmmo skills or build a epic base and prepare to for the many pvp battles ahead!
Or battle the strongest bosses you've ever seen!
Grow farms! Go Mining! Collect supplies or sell them for other supplies!
Donate for advantages like super weapons all which have their own unique ability!
Or donate for a for special kits and fight anything in your path!
Advertise the server on a website or youtube for ranks or prizes!
Apply for admin moderator helper and more!
Jump block to block and complete the parkour for prizes!
DropPartys happen every holiday or when the server gets 10 players on!

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